Fighting the SAP

by stewartgolton on 11 July, 2019

YESTERDAY (July 10) was full council and the debate over the Site Allocation Plan.
The SAP is Leeds City Council’s five year plan for land that they will allow t be developed and land that is off bounds.
We were expecting a bad deal for Rothwell and we weren’t disappointed.
Three areas of green belt have been put into the SAP allowing developers to build a total of 892 houses in the next five years without any meaningful chance of residents’ objections being heard.
Already land off Bullough Lane is earmarked for 220 homes.
Cllr Stewart Golton made his views known and reminded us all that the decision makers,i.e, the Labour executive would not have to live with the consequences of their actions because they live in areas, not their wards, that will not be extensively developed.
We, in Rothwell, sadly will lose green belt and carry more than our fair share of new development.

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