Lib Dem councillors job fight to save bowling greens

by stewartgolton on 18 February, 2019

BOWLING greens across Leeds are under threat for the second time in 5 yearsas Leeds City Council look to make further savings, but local Lib Dem councillors have vowed to help keep our local greens open.
Cllrs Carmel Harrison and Stewart Golton were alerted to the threat of the closure of the winter green at Woodlesford by local members of the Bowling Club.
The councillors convened an urgent meeting where club members and representatives from the local authority’s leisure department to find a way of staving off the closure of the winter green.
Members of the enthusiastic club told the councillors that the winter green was in almost daily use all year round.
“Club members and their guests play in all weathers all year round and the club offers both a social as well as health benefit to everyone involved,” said club chairman Ken Carter.
“We are actively working to increase membership with initiatives including each member pledging to introduce a friend and the club investing in communal bowls for new members to use on a trial basis.”
“The local authority is looking to save £1500 by closing the winter green yet it provides a vital health and community benefit for those taking part” said Cllr Harrison.
“Both Cllr Golton and I have asked the Council team to investigate ways of raising the profile of the sport to attract new members, promote the physical and mental health benefits and find alternative sources of funding to maintain the two greens.”
Cllr Stewart Golton sits on Leeds Health & Well-being Board and added “Doctors are increasingly prescribing physical and social activity to tackle health issues. Fresh air and gentle exercise amongst friends reduces loneliness and increases agility and mobility. But doctors can’t encourage people to partake in activities that the Council has closed down. It’s a false economy to undermine the facilities clubs like these need to attract new members.

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