Lib Dems demand solution to Wood Lane parking problem

by stewartgolton on 2 April, 2018

Lib Dem councillor, Stewart Golton, has criticised the Labour administration on Leeds City Council for adding to the parking hell of residents around Wood Lane.
Stewart asked the local authority to allocate space on the planned Stourton park & ride site for office workers on Leeds Valley Park who use Wood Lane and neighbouring streets as an unofficial FREE park and ride.
“The Lib Dem team in Rothwell saw the new park and ride at Stourton as a chance to relieve the parking hell of local residents.  A few spaces out of the planned 100s would not have detracted from the park and ride.  But, Leeds City Councill refused us space and would not speak to the landowner of a nearby site.
“We have now been promised more double yellow lines on Wood Lane.  That shift the problems on to other nearby streets as office workers look for free parking.
“What residents ask us is what will the local Labour councillors do to solve rather than shift the problem?”

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