Rothwell Lib Dems back manifesto launch

by stewartgolton on 22 March, 2018

Coun Stewart Golton led candidates Carmel Harrison and Pat Yates in backing Communities in Control the Lib Dem manifesto for Leeds for local elections on May 3.
Highighting plans to improve transport, the environment, education and social care Coun Golton, the Leader of the Lib Dems on Leeds City Council said there was never a greater need to support policies that put people back in charge.
“For too long we have called for changes that will deliver real change for the good of ordinay people every day in Leeds,” he said.
“We have consistently called on the current Labour administration to invest in improved waste collection, transport infra structure, publicly owned social care and better support for families and children.
“On all these we have been knocked back.
“Now is the time for change. Rothwell has experienced a loss of publicly owned social care for our elderly, we successfully trialled innovative waste and recycling collection that saved the city cash and that has been mothballed and we are at the end of the line literally for train services.
“This treatment must stop and change can be afforded with the correct political determination.
“Here in Rothwell Pat Yates has already campaigned against litter, Steart has campaigned against cuts to social care and CArmel has lobbied Northerhn Rail against their planned cuts to train services.
“With a vote for us in May we can do even more.”

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