Putting the trains back on track

by stewartgolton on 26 February, 2018

Yet again the 7.47 AM to Leeds cancelled by Northern Rail without explanation

STEWART Golton and Carmel Harrison have demanded action from Northern Rail to reveal their planned timetable changes following suggestions they plan to scrap two vital rush hour trains.
Residents who commute daily to Leeds, alerted Stewart and Carmel to the fact that the 17.16 from Leeds to Goole would cease to stop at Woodlesford while the 18.33 could be scrapped.
The pair have now called on Northern to release details of the planned new timetable and have highlighted the disruption to peoples’ business and personal lives the suggested plans would make.
“Local residents already rely on the Woodlesford to Leeds rail service yet face daily disruption with cancelled and late trains and overcrowded carriages,” said Carmel. “Cutting services further would further demonstrate that Northern treat Woodlesford and south of Leeds commuters with contempt.
“Northern Rail won a franchise based on a commitment to deliver high quality punctual services, yet routinely fail and now plan further cuts,” she added. “Commuters were furious and were contacting me on social media within hours of discovering the proposals.
“I have already written to Northern Rail asking for clarity and reminding them of their obligations and the fact that their parent company, DeutscheBahn are committed to responsible and sustainable corporate social responsibility with passengers.”
Stewart added: “It was obvious from the feedback we received that commuters are not happy and are prepared to take further action to find out the truth and then ensure services are not cut and carriage numbers are not reduced.”

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If you would like to object write to:
enquiries@northernrailway.co.uk – Northern Rail CEO Alex Hynes
nachhaltigkeitsmanagement@deutschebahn.com – DeutscheBahn

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