Stewart welcomes park and ride at Stourton

by stewartgolton on 13 December, 2016


Lib Dem Councillor Stewart Golton, has welcomed plans to create a park and ride at Stourton in a bid to clear traffic congestion in Rothwell and the surrounding villages.

He said that it was an ‘essential piece of infrastructure’ for southern residents looking to commute in to Leeds.
The announcement comes as part of a raft of transport initiatives, to be mostly funded by the government’s £173m that had been due to be spent on the failed NGT project.
Despite the lack of a rapid mass transport system, Cllr Golton has said that news of a park and ride where the trolleybus had been due to start was a starting point for solving the commuting problems that residents in his ward of Rothwell face on a daily basis.
Cllr Golton (Lib Dem, Rothwell) said: “I am pleased to see that the administration has finally listened and are now taking forward plans for a park and ride in Stourton, plans I have pushed for some time.
“Problems of commuter parking on residential streets have blighted homeowners in our area and the train system is creaking at capacity, with Woodlesford one of the most congested lines in the country. This park and ride should help to ease these issues, as well as giving commuters the chance to securely park their car when they go to work.
“Leeds is also home to very poor air quality, with 350 people dying here every year due to the dangerously high levels of pollutants in the air. By cutting the number of cars on the road, we should reduce the number of traffic jams for local residents, which should result in cleaner air for everyone.
“This is a is a decision that’s been a long time coming and I will continue to press for detailed proposals to come forward as soon as possible.”

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