Stewart Golton warns of rush to close care homes

by stewartgolton on 21 November, 2016


ROTHWELL Lib Dem Coun. Stewart Golton has warned that Labour councillors are acting irresponsibly by rushing to close down council care homes including Dolphin Manor and Home Lea House in Rothwell.
A recent council meeting saw administration councillors on Leeds City Council vote down a proposed stay of execution for six care homes that it intends to shut down. The proposal was tabled by opposition councillors and called for the council to keep the affected homes open for at least another two years.
Current council policy is to sell off all its residential care homes and instead commission places in private sector homes.
Coun Golton, the Leader of the Liberal Democrat group on LCC fears that it is short-sighted to rely on a private care sector that is struggling to make money at a time of rising costs and reduced funding. He wants to see a better mix of care provision with much closer ties to the local community and more opportunities for social enterprise.
The Association of Directors of Adult Social Services recently said that two-thirds of local councils have seen contracts handed back or providers leave the market.
Coun Golton said: “The council is rushing into care home closures and I am worried that we are setting ourselves up for a crisis in the not too distant future.
“It’s reckless in the extreme for Leeds City Council to put its faith in the private sector to run all care homes in the city. Private care providers are under huge financial strain with many cutting the quality of care or closing down homes entirely. 1,500 care homes have shut in the past six years and this is a trend that shows no signs of slowing.
“Leeds City Council needs to work much harder at building up a sustainable care market with a focus on locally based providers that have the community’s interest at heart.
“The Council need to ensure that social enterprises are seen as serious partners in the city. In my own local area the council took the decision to close Dolphin Manor and Home Lea House, both well-run, well-loved residential homes who had a local care trust eager to take them on.
“The Council turned the local group down when they knew the private sector was developing in our area, but that home turned out to be aimed at the luxury market. Now that the privately owned Ashlands is closing in Methley, people are facing very hard choices to get decent affordable care for their loved ones.
“The crisis in council care funding combined with pressures to maintain dividends in the private sector tells me that it is inevitable that we need to develop community run and mutually owned businesses now and at pace if we are to avoid a situation far worse than we have now.”

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