Leeds City Council ignore Wood Lane residents

by stewartgolton on 26 September, 2016



Leeds City Council has ignored local Lib Dem Cllr Stewart Golton’s challenge to deliver a solution for Wood Lane residents‘ parking misery.
Coun Golton had formally asked  Coun Richard Lewis the man responsible for Leeds’ highways to set up immediate talks with the owners of Leeds Valley Office Park to create more parking on site for their workers.  Coun Golton also asked for the council to commit to building the long planned park and ride site at Stourton and negotiate with bus companies to agree a partnership to see it operating as soon as possible.
However, the response ignored both requests and dismissed concerns saying that the local authority felt that there was no problem.   Coun Lewis in his response said that the ‘the parking is acceptable, offers road safety benefits and can be safely accommodated’.
Cllr Stewart Golton said:
“The response I have received from the council has underscored my belief that they do not understand how badly the residents on Wood Lane are affected by the parking, caused by the council’s own actions.
“Council officers obviously don’t think they have a duty to clean up the consequences of their own restrictions on the A61 and I’m disappointed that the politician in charge is disinclined to intervene on residents’ behalf.
“However, I certainly won’t give up on this and will keep the pressure up to get a solution in place.”

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