Rothwell Allotments Sale Update

by stewartgolton on 29 February, 2012

Local potholders finally know who owns the land they are cultivating. Reservoir and Victoria allotment sites were recently sold by the Lord Mowbray Trust, and ever since we have worried that 100 years of allotment might come to an end. We had to wait three months before we were informed who the new owners were. The Victoria site’s new owner has actually met with local potholders, and it is hoped that he will agree a new lease with the Council to safeguard allotment gardening on the site. Unfortunately, the new owner of the Reservoir site has sent a Notice to Quit to the Council as tenant without even talking to them. Since then, the owner has apparently agreed to meet Council officers (but not plotholders), but we have not been informed if any progress has been made. I am right behind the plotholders, many of whom own properties overlooking the site, to keep this site free of development, and I have ensured that the Council is preparing for potential compulsory purchase.

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